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Google vs. Bing and Yahoo

I have a confession.  I'm a Google addict.  There's really no cure- I Google just about everything.  Seems everyone else is afflicted as well, so I haven't really considered this a problem.  Until yesterday.

Let's back up- with the emergence of Bing, we digital marketers had another search engine to worry about.  To tell the truth, I've watched my analytics and really not seen any action on the Bing front.  So when clients and I would discuss different search engines, I didn't fight their mindset that as long as we optimized a site for Google, we'd be fine.

´╗┐But we've known that Yahoo and Bing will be merging at some point, and upon viewing this video, which details why we need to start thinking about Bing searches, I decided to take a deeper look.  I've pulled statistics for one of my client's sites to show you what I found.

  Visits Pages/ Visit Avg. Time on Site Bounce Rate Overall % of traffic
Google 5,728 3.07 3:24 42.98% 55.69%
Yahoo! 273 2.85 3:33 58.24% 2.65%
Bing 302 3.7 4:16 31.46% 2.94%


This is a glimpse at our client's traffic directly from search engines for the month of June.  You'll see that Google definitely drives the significant traffic. 

However, take a look at the Pages/ Visit column for Bing.  You'll see that more of the site's pages on average are viewed by Bing visitors.  Additionally, look at the Avg. Time on Site for Bing.  Visitors directed to this site from Bing are spending more time on the site.  Does this mean that Bing is catering to more serious shoppers?  Better researchers?  All I know is that I want visitors to spend as much time as possible on my client's site- they're more likely to make a purchasing decision that way! 

One other interesting statistic- look at the Bing Bounce Rate.  It is significantly less than both the Google and Yahoo bounce rate.

I'll show you one other example from a different website.

  Visits Pages/ Visit Avg. Time on Site Overall % of traffic
Google 3,111 2.07 1:21 25.32%
Yahoo! 268 2.38 1:17 1.86%
Bing 2,828 2.32 1:01 19.66%


This one shocked me a bit.  These are search engine statistics from the last year (June 26, 2009-June 25, 2010).  Look at the Visits number!  The Bing visits for this site almost match those of Google!!  While the other statistics aren't quite as significant, all of the other sites that I examined had only 3.65-4.2% of their overall web traffic from the last year coming from Bing, and this site is rocking it at 19.66%!! 

While research is still emerging about Bing SEO, I'm certainly convinced that it's no longer appropriate to brush Bing aside.  Let me know if you have questions about how you can dive into your analytics to discover what Bing's doing with your site.