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"Sweet" PR

I love innovative, "fresh" ideas.  There's nothing like finding a really cool brand promotion that someone's thought of to really excite the marketing mind.

Dunkin' Donuts has done just that. **

**Please note that a lot of my post details/ facts have been pulled from Mashable's post where I discovered this cool promotion.**

Last year, Dunkin' Donuts implemented a "Create Dunkin's Next Donut" promotion that saw a lot of activity.

- 130,000 “Create Dunkin’s Next Donut” donut submissions

- 218,000 total donuts created

- 25,000 donuts posted to Facebook. 

- 174,000 votes

- 269,000 more donuts created after the promotion was over

That last stat is especially interesting and proves that even without the promise of a big prize, the company has hit on something that its customers absolutely love to do.

For Dunkin's 60th Anniversary, they're doing the promotion all over again.

Here's the thing- Dunkin's done a really top-notch job at a number of things.  Remember, they were a has-been sinking ship brand not too long ago.  With a serious marketing budget, new influx of healthy options added to their menu and a revitalization of franchises, Dunkin' is making its way back to household name.  For an antiquated company (this is their 60th year), they've done what a lot of (ahem) mature companies have not- taken advantage of social media and viral marketing.  Actually, with all the gadgets out there today, this really isn't difficult for ANY company to do, if you know your way around a computer and the Internet.

So, what's to stop you from doing something like this?  What's to stop you from coming up with a way to engage your customers and creating a buzz for your own business?  It may not be creating a new product...  What if you capitalized on your customer's social conscience and asked them to join you for a well-publicized community service project?  What if you played to people's cost-conscious attitudes in this supposed economic downturn and highlighted some DIY aspects of your business?  

There's a million ways to get out there and sell your company without really selling your company.  Create a buzz!  (And create a donut while you're at it- you could win $12K!!!)  Check out the YouTube video explaining the Dunkin' promotion...