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YouTube the New Google?

It was announced last week that YouTube is the #2 most searched site, second only to Google.  What does this mean for you, as an entrepreneur?  Well, it means that a LOT of people are going to YouTube to search for answers/ content.  More so than Yahoo or Bing, or any other search engine for that matter. 

So, it's high time you introduced some video content for your business.  Actually not as hard as it might have once been, video content is a high priority for those businesses who desire to be found online.  There are a number of video production companies out there who specialize in video for web, or you can delve into online do-it-yourself.  If you search on YouTube, you'll find quite a lot of crap.  So, you just have to make a relevant, content-rich, less crappy video. 

Once this information came out about YouTube being so highly searched, I was charged with the task of getting one of my clients on YouTube.  For Sale by Owner Homes already had videos on their site, as a lot of folks do, so we just had the team that created the videos combine several of the short clips into six informative YouTube-ready videos.

Take a look at one of their videos:

This is a great example of offering relevant, informative information while still promoting your business.  Not a straight up commercial, but you'll find the company's contact information subtly on the screen. 

Adding videos to YouTube is quite easy- don't forget to add a title, description and tags for your video to make it easily found.  These will affect your video's ranking on YouTube initially, but your ranking will ultimately be driven by incoming links, number of comments, subscribers to your YouTube channel, views of your video and number (and quality) of sites that host your video outside of YouTube.