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My Title is Cooler than YOUR Title

Okay, not really.  This is somewhere that I could actually use a little work.  So, because I'm enjoying learning quite a bit about search engine optimization (or SEO) these days, I thought I'd share a little insight on how you can continue to improve your business's crawl towards to top of Google's rankings.

Today's topic: Title Tags

Title tags are just that- a title for your web page. 

I pulled a screen shot of my website home page to show you exactly what I'm talking about- the part circled in red in your title tag.  What's important for you to know is that title tags are really important when it comes to SEO.  As in, it's one of the first things that Google sees, and should tell them exactly what a user will find when they visit this page.

So, what I'm saying, is that using "Home" for your title tag isn't the best option.  Really, instead of using "Home" I should tell Google a little more about what can be found on this page.  Some options would be:

"Fresh Look Creative - Boutique Creative Services Marketing Shop"


"Creative Services Marketing Shop - Fresh Look Creative - Plano, TX"

Or something to that effect...  Being as descriptive as possible (in a very short amount of characters) is the goal, and trying to ensure that you're using highly-searched terminology is important too.  That's why 'boutique' may not be the best term for me to use- even though that's a pretty commonly used term for us marketing folks, clients more than likely won't be using that as a search term.

Also, your title for each page within your site should be different.  So, whatever I decide to use for my home page title, I should use something different for my 'About' page.

So, how do you change your title tags?  Well, for me, I've got a content management system (or CMS) that allows me to just fill in a little blank.  If you don't have a CMS built into your site, you will have to alter your title tags within your HTML.  (Get with your webmaster if you have any questions about this.) 

My hope is that little tips here and there will help you consistently improve your SEO.  But, it is a full time job, as there are ALWAYS little (and big!) things that you can be doing to move your site up in the ranks.  If you have any questions, let me know!  Good luck!