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Better Utilization of Your LinkedIn Account

I'll confess- when I first heard about LinkedIn several years ago, I hoped on and created an account for my company, and occasionally would connect with people who I'd met while networking.  I secured several referrals, and referred a few people.  However, I wouldn't ever claim that I'm getting a lot out of LinkedIn, because I really don't know how to really utilize the service.

I discovered an article yesterday that delves a little deeper into LinkedIn, and how a business person like myself (and yourself!) can get a little more out of LinkedIn.  Here are some of the suggestions that author Sharlyn Lauby offers in this article:

1) Include a photo on your profile.  LinkedIn is a social networking site, designed to build relationships, so you've got to make it personal!  What better way to do this but to let people see your face?  One caveat: Some pause at including a photo on LinkedIn because LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL social communication site- meaning potential employers might see your picture before deciding to contact you.  This image could give them information they most likely would not have obtained should they have access to your resume alone (your approximate age, race, etc.)

2) Seek meaningful recommendations.  One of the most wonderful aspects of LinkedIn is that it's a place where you can showcase not only your relationships, but what your clients or associates think of you.  You can send a message to a client and ask them to pen a note about their experience with you, and then approve that message prior to posting the recommendation on your LinkedIn profile.  Kind of like a virtual brag book...

3) Think twice about linking your social networking profiles together.  Should you link your twitter account to your LinkedIn page?  Should your LinkedIn profile also contain your Facebook profile link?  It's really a question of content.  If your Facebook page is really more of a PERSONAL page, there's no reason why a potential or current employer should need to see pics of last weekend's BBQ.  Additionally, your pals don't really care that a client thinks your work is tops.  If you have multiple PROFESSIONAL profiles, consider linking these profiles, but always consider your content before taking this action.

Great article, Sharlyn!


They're Paying You to Do WHAT?!?!

I just read about this guy in Entrepreneur magazine.

People pay him to wear their organization's shirt.  No, I'm actually not kidding.  He'll wear your shirt and then utillize social media to get the word out.  Again, I'm actually not kidding.  One of the cool things about this guy's idea is his payment schedule.  If he wears your shirt on the first day of the year, it costs you $1.  If he wears your shirt on the last day of the year, it costs you $365.  He'll make about $70K this year.  No, I'm actually not kidding.

This is the perfect example of doing something different and innovative, and just putting it out there.  While I don't really know HOW he got started, I imagine it was something along the lines of "Hey dude.  Will you pay me $1 to wear your t-shirt?" and his buddy was like "Yeah, okay.  Whatever.  Here's $1."  Or something like that...

The thing is, this could have been a flop.  It could have gone no where, and quite frankly, it would have gone no where if it weren't for social media.  This guy has over 18,000 devoted Twitter followers who care what shirt he's wearing.  Social media is here to stay, and it's time you get on board.  

Do something different today, and put it out there!

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