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Call it Mommy Brain...

Some people may think that there's not a place in professional lives for personal details.  Sure, sometimes that's true.  But what happens when you're existing in a space where there's no way to separate the two?

Last summer, I discovered I would be bringing on a new team member to join our Fresh Look Creative team in 2011.  His first day was March 1, 2011, and can I say he's just the cutest little CEO??

I gave myself permission to take a week off when he arrived, and committed myself to being back to work (working from home- I'm not THAT ambitious) the following week. 

I'm not sure if I was delirious when I set this lofty goal, but I certainly wasn't thinking clearly.  The first week Mr. CEO was home, I cried a good portion of the time, unable to figure out how I was ever going to work and devote the amount of time to him that he required.  As I saw it, I was failing on all fronts.

And in reality, I was failing, because I didn't give myself permission to give Mr. CEO the time he needed.  And I didn't make the arrangements on a business front to have a GOOD amount of time off.  So Mr. CEO suffered, and so did my business.

It wasn't until well into Mr. CEO's 2nd month that I finally felt normal enough to take a breath and start working again.  (This aligned well with Mr. CEO's agreeing to sleep through the night.) 

Yesterday, I tweeted for the first time in a long time, and today I make my first blog post.  I could apologize for the extended hiatus, but instead I think I'll just blame Mommy Brain, because that's what it was.  We mother entrepreneurs can aim to do it all, and in fact must realize that there's a rhythm to every part of life.  Just because we can't find time to tweet between breast-feeding doesn't mean we'll never tweet again!  And just because we let Mr. CEO test out his lungs as we finish blogging doesn't mean we're bad mommies. 

Welcome back to the Fresh Look Creative blog.  I hope your work is as ever-evolving as mine is, because we're better business people for it.