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Sacrificing for Social Media Glory

We design logos.  Did you know that?  We're a marketing company, so maybe you just assumed that we offered this service.  Well, you assumed correct!  We've done our share of brand creation, but this is not a blog post about OUR brand creation services, so read on...

We've started doing some work for a client who's number one goal is to get his company's site to the top of Google for a certain keyphrase.  This is a marathon, not a sprint, and we continue to look for ways to edge closer and closer to this goal.  One of our first initiatives was to integrate social media for this client.  Google now indexes Facebook and Twitter postings, so it was important for our client to be found in these places.

About a month ago, I discovered an opportunity for a client that made me both jump for joy and swallow my pride.  You may have heard of the innovative company I Wear Your Shirt (I actually blogged about these guys many months ago...)  Very simply, you send them your shirt, and they wear it.  Well, maybe not that simply: you pay them to wear it.  And then they blog about it, Tweet about it, create video posts about it, etc.  As I've told you before, I love good ideas.  And this was a great one.  In March, I Wear Your Shirt partnered with two designers and launched I Design Your Logo.  Aside from the fact that I wished I'd thought of the idea, I was ecstatic. 

We'd just started working with For Sale By Owner Homes, a flat fee MLS listing company, and this was a great way to increase their social media impact AND get a new logo designed for them.  Also incredibly intriguing is the pricing structure used by both I Wear Your Shirt and I Design Your Logo.  You would pay $2 on the first fiscal day, and the price increases by $2 each day.  So, we paid $86 for today, April 12 (I Design Your Shirt's fiscal year started on March 1.)

Since uploading the new For Sale By Owner Homes logo to the web about an hour ago, they've written a blog post about the new look, tweeted about the logo to their 511 followers and posted a link on Facebook to their 224 (and growing) fan base.

Aside from getting backlinks in new, highly-ranked places, by client will also get exposure to hundreds of new potential customers.

Search for unique ways to get out your message, and opportunities to piggyback on the hype or good ideas of someone else.  Even though I didn't think of this cool company idea, my client will benefit greatly from it.  And, if you don't mind, head on over to I Design Your Logo, and let everyone know what you think of our client's new logo.


You Have an Ugly Logo...

Dreaded words that no one wants to hear, and quite honestly, no marketing consultant wants to say!  (You never know who's beloved nephew might have created said "ugly" logo, and these waters must be treaded carefully!)  But let's be frank with each other.  There are quite a few companies out there with ugly logos!  Whether these logos were created by a person unknowledgable about graphic design, or they were slapped together in Word, it's time to get with the program!  

Logos are the hanshake for your business, and they should reflect the professionalism that your company offers its customers!

Last year, we had a local company approach us after deciding that their logo needed a little re-fresh.  Lucky for them, we specialize in re-FRESH!!


The great thing about this logo refresh is that we were able to incoporate some elements from the company's old logo into the new look. The diamond shapes were something the company owner really liked, so we gave them a contemporary new spin.

Also, please note the "before" image. This scan was from one of their business cards- this was the only copy they had of the logo- no digital files were available. We can actually redraw a company's logo and provide good art files so the logo can be used- that is, after all, why you HAVE a logo!

Check out this next sample:



We actually created the Jackson-Merica logo a few years ago, and when one of the partners left the company, the company name changed.  We took the existing logo and modified it to reflect the new company name, and executed a simple color change.

So, to recap, you need a new logo if:

  • It's ugly

You need a logo refresh if:

  • You've had a company name change
  • You desire a color change
  • You'd like to contemporize your look

You need a logo redraw if:

  • You don't have good, digital logo files

What ARE good logo files??  For most printing purposes, your graphic designer will ask for a vector logo file.  Vector files are files that can be enlarged without loosing quality and becoming pixelated.  Some vector file extensions that we include on our clients' final art CDs are AI (Adobe Illustrator), SVG (Standard Vector Graphic) and EPS (Encapsulated PostScript). 

This brings us to an important question you need to ask your graphic designer prior to beginning a project- who owns those final art files?  Sometimes, even though you may have paid for the graphic designer to create the logo files for you, the graphic designer will retain the rights to the image.  Reluctance to offer vector files to you upon project completion is a good sign that the graphic designer wants to retain rights to your artwork.  Make sure you ask BEFORE a project begins!

The world of logos can be daunting, but above all, make sure your company has a logo that you feel accurately reflects your company's spirit- whatever that is.