Blogging- what's the big deal??

Upon the creation of this blog, I've had several of my clients ask me what the purpose of our blog is. Very simply, it's a great way for our clients and contacts to see a new, more personal side of our business. It's an excellent information provider. It also adds to the original content of a business's website (as you may or may not know, original content is a great way to improve your Search Engine Optimization.)

The really cool thing about blogs is that they aren't meant to be stodgy or extremely professional (although they can be). They truly are meant to show a more personal side of business. A CPA who starts a blog to answer his client's tax questions is a perfect example... The stereotype of CPAs is that they don't have much personality, and are "strictly business". While some CPAs are in fact "strictly business," others may have more of a fun side. Sure, accounting is what they do, and let's face it- it's all about numbers! I know an accountant who's a blast. She cracks jokes with her clients while she's meeting with them. She jovially points out where the client may have made some "boo-boos". She makes the process a lot more fun than most accountants do!

She's the perfect candidate for a business blog. Her ability to add a little of her personality into accounting is something that can set her apart from other accountants. And, this, after all, is the point of marketing!

Fresh Look can help you design a really cool blog that fits with your business "style". It can be fun and crazy, or it can be really professional and built to mirror your website look.

The design, however, is the easy part. There's no point to building a blog if you're not going to use it! You should post to your blog no less than once weekly. Any less, and your clients and contacts will stop checking your blog for new posts and information. This is a time-consuming commitment. Don't invest in a blog design if you're not also committed to the time it will take you to post to the blog.

I've also had clients ask me about "rules for blogging". Here are some quick rules to live by for a business blogger:

1) Use good grammar!! This means punctuation, spelling, fragmented sentences, etc. This, after all, is supposed to be a reflection on your business, and you'd NEVER have a brochure out there with a misspelled word!!

2) Don't try to sell your products or services via your blog. This sounds counter-intuitive, but you should use your blog to try to be perceived more as an expert in your field. If you're perceived as an expert, the business will come.

3) No bad language!!! (Most of you are saying "Duh." right now, but you'd be surprised how many business bloggers will use distasteful language in their blogs.) DON'T. DO. IT.

If you have blogging questions, let me know. That's what I'm here for!!

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