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"The best investment I have made so far in my first six months of business was getting Fresh Look Creative to design and construct my website.  While I worked on the website’s content, they took care of everything else.  And the reaction I get from everyone who visits my new site is always the same: Who designed your site and what is their number?"

- Jack Walsh, Law Office of Jack Walsh

Why the Fresh Team is Different

We know that our services won’t be a perfect fit for every organization. However, we do know our niche. We’ve served a lot of companies- small and large- and found that our products and services are a great match for businesses with 11 to 100 employees. This isn’t a hard and fast rule- rather a guideline. These companies appreciate Fresh Look’s ability to handle any or all of their creative needs, our on-the-ball management of their overall project needs and our consciousness of their budgets.

Here’s why Fresh Look is an ideal solution for these companies:

Fresh Look versus an in-house Marketing Department

Actually, there’s no “versus” here! We work hand-in-hand with MANY in-house marketing departments. So why do they need us? Professionals working within in-house marketing departments are handed a variety of projects to complete for their company. They’ve got to get this stuff done somewhere! These professionals are excellent at managing creative projects, but rarely are they also experts in copywriting, AND graphic design, AND print management, AND media relations, AND promotional products procurement.

These professionals are used to going to several different vendors to get all of this “stuff” taken care of, and Fresh Look is their perfect backend office. In-house marketing professionals now have one point of contact for all of these details. Fresh Look can do it all, and these professionals get all the credit! More importantly, these professionals now have time to manage the other aspects of their job, as these professionals often wear many different hats.

Fresh Look versus an Advertising Agency

Our main goal at Fresh Look Creative is to make sure you get exactly what you need, when you need it, at a price you can afford. Many times, advertising agencies will charge retainer fees in addition to charging for products and services. Often times this arrangement is unfairly advantageous for the agency, as the client may or may not know what this retainer fee is paying for.

Very simply, all Fresh Look clients are charged on a per-project basis. Meaning that if you need a brochure, you pay for a brochure. You’ll know exactly what your total project cost will be before we start that project.

Should you need “expertise”, as an agency retainer fee often pays for, Fresh Look has got that in spades! Our team will always advise you on what we believe will get your company the best results, however, if your business needs a little more in-depth guidance, you’ll be able to utilize our “Fresh Creative On Call” services.

Fresh Look versus a Freelancer

There’s no question- working with a “freelance” creative person can be tempting. Cheaper than working with an actual “creative company,” many businesses think that hiring a freelancer will be easy on their bottom line. However, this is often a mistake. Freelancers often work on many projects at one time in order to make a living. This means at any given time, your project may be third, or seventh, in line, and timelines aren’t often guaranteed.

At Fresh Look, we discuss timelines before a project begins so you’ll know when to expect drafts and proofs from us. Also, if you need something a little faster than our normal timelines allow for, we’ll make sure we discuss whether we can achieve that timeline or if we need to find a different solution.

While not all freelancers fall into this category, unfortunately, many are unreliable. Because freelancers work on many projects at a time, businesses often find their projects slapped together at the last minute. Quality may not be the same from project to project.

The Fresh Look Promise

Fresh Look promises that we’ll work with you to get your creative to exactly where you want it to be- our quality, and most importantly, our ethics are second to none.